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Me, I guess

My life, if you care

3/16/09 08:11 pm - YAYS!

Today was pretty cool. I schooled tyler at basketball. And i found out im going to get highlights and a major haircut on friday! Yeah gotta sleep, bye!

3/14/09 03:33 pm - Writer's Block: Know Thyself

My quietness annoys other people. They think I should talk more. I try to change it but my ideas won't work.
What habit of your own annoys other people? Have you ever tried to change it?

3/13/09 07:39 pm - Friday the 13th

Well, I kind of jinxed myself since I joined LiveJournal of the 13th. Really bad timing!! Well, I guess it's been a crappy day. I woke up at five in the morning, went to school. I started my day with Spanish class. I finally got to catch up on my 15 missing assignments, though. (don't worry! I turned them all in and got full credit!) Science was fun. We got to watch Mythbusters, and we also played with rocks. Third hour was the most fun, though. It's Cultural Diversity, and we get to create a powerpoint called All About Me. We get to put various facts about ourselves, add pictures that are ours, and also put our own music on too! But it has to be "clean" music. *Awwww* During lunch, I go to the library. We get to hang out till 5th hour. It's fun, we are starting a "problem and opening up" thing on Monday, me and my friends are. And as you can read, I love to spill out my thoughts in writing when I'm not with my "therapy" lady. She has another name, but I can't spell it. Anyways, I got to go. I'm going to listen to my music! Peace.
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